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Nursing Dashboard

Technology Driving Nursing Leaders Toward Data-Driven Decision Making

UPMC is a recognized innovator in information technology, and in 2012 was named one of the 100 “Most Wired” health systems in the country, for the 14th consecutive year. With a systemwide electronic health record and a solution in development to unify information from multiple systems, the technology at UPMC nurses’ fingertips is growing at a dizzying rate. This exponential growth in technology has provided robust, rich data for our nursing leaders to use to drive their work, but from multiple and unconnected sources. Our challenge was to organize, prioritize, and analyze, while providing access to, and understanding of, the most meaningful data for all levels of nursing leadership. A team of leaders from Nursing, Human Resources, Finance, and ISD was formed to take on this task.

The team set a goal to create an automated nursing dashboard to act as a single repository of key metrics for our nursing leaders to use for achieving high-quality and cost-efficient patient care and practice outcomes. Dashboards provide a window into the financial health, operational efficiency, and quality of care for a unit, a service line, a hospital, or a system.

The UPMC Nursing Dashboard was created in 2012, providing an electronic portal page that consolidates, organizes, and analyzes all in-house reports, located in one comprehensive area.

Examples of data include:

  • Human Resources outcomes data, containing items such as turnover, vacancy rates, and staff demographics
  • Clinical quality outcomes, containing core measures and fall and pressure ulcer rates
  • Financial outcomes, including hours per patient day, key volume indicators, and department productivity reports, all in one location

These reports analyze and benchmark to keep our targets in sight. The dashboard has been instrumental in helping us quickly determine our strengths and weaknesses and allowing us to address them in a timely manner. What was a goal merely a year ago is now an invaluable tool for our nursing leaders in their decision-making process.